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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Mount Kota Kinabalu Vacation Checklist

Mount Kota Kinabalu Vacation Checklist

Things You Should Prepare For Mountain Climb:

(All packed in Plastic bags /ziplocks)
Waterproof backpack
Trekking Shoes with good grip
Heat tech top (Uniqlo)
Dri - Fit Top (first and third climb)
Compression tights (first and third climb)
Lightweight Windbreaker Jacket (first and third climb)
Windbreaker Jacket with fleece (summit climb)
Waterproof Hiking Pants (summit climb)
3 Socks 
2 Disposable Raincoat 

Head torch plus Extra Batteries
Pen light 
Small towel / Bandana
Waterproof Climbing Gloves  (i brought ski gloves)
Undergarments (3D2N)
Personal-(soap, deo,facial wash) 
Tissue paper 
Wet Tissue 
Ear plugs (Optional)
2 heat packs (My friend gave this to me as a gift, it was intended for my summit climb. However, I've only managed to use it during the descend down the mountain, minimal heat was provided).
Lip gloss / small Vaseline 
Water bottle (1 Litre) 
Camera with water proof bag
Waterproof phone case
Extra Plastic bags / ziplocks
High energy food such as biscuits, chocolates, energy bars, nuts
Milo 3in1 powder (optional, beverage is provided in Laban Rata like coffee and tea)
Pack of Sour Sweet Candy 

Medication such as headache tablets (panadol) or altitude sickness tablets (dimenate)
First aid kit: Bactroban (antibacterial), Panadol , Imodium, Vicks Vaporub, bandage (cloth and cohesive), Gauze, plaster, alcohol swab and a Whistle

Some things we decided to distribute to each one of us to avoid overpacking:
Me -Sun block lotion, Bactroban, Toothpaste, Panadol , Imodium 
Friend -Cogesic Cream (muscle cramps), Shampoo, Dimenate, Charcoal, White Flower 
Friend -Mosquito repellent, Lotion, Vaseline, Electrical tape ,Sterilization Tablets, Universal Charger
Extra luggage can be stored at Kinabalu Park HQ at a nominal fee of MYR 12 per piece prior climb. Passport will be required for verification at the Kinabalu Park office. Please bring it along with you.

Best Month to Climb is during Summer Season. 23rd April -Arrival 8:05 pm
24th till 26th April -Mt. Kota Kinabalu Climb
2 Extra Clothing for: 26th and 27th April -City Tour and Food Trip 
27th April -Flight  2:45 PM

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