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Mui Ne Hot Spring Center, Vietnam

Chill Day

Mui Ne is such a beautiful place to relax and unwind. After we did the Jeepney tour and visited the magnificent White and Red Sands dunes of Vietnam it was time to end the whole trip in a Spa Bonanza. 

First thing we did was have lunch at Vietnam Home Restaurant, a few metres away from Mui Ne Backpackers Village. I wanted something exotic just like what we ordered at Benh Thanh Market in Saigon (Heo Rung Xao lan/Stir-fried wild boar meat with little water) , so I ordered a frog dish this time around. The frog meat was serve surprisingly in its natural form, a bit disturbing for me. I immediately disassemble it before devouring the whole thing. 

Grilled frog with chili salt: 75,000 VND
Grilled Barracuda with ginger sauce: 79,000 VND
Rice noodle soup with vegetable: 49,000 VND
Coconut Milk Shake: 35,000 VND 
Strawberry with yoghurt shake: 39,000 VND
Passion Fruit Ice cream: 25,000 VND
Creme Brulee: 45,000 VND

A few walks away from Mui Ne Backpacker Village is the Mui Ne Hot Spring Center. Address: 133A Nguyen Dinh Chieu Str., Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan

I only want the best for a real relaxing day so I didn't hesitate to get their Full Package. 
Single: 770,000 VND
Couples:1,330,000 VND
Group of 3: 1,860,000 VND
Group of 9: 5,700,000 VND
Hot Mineral Mud Bath (15 minutes)
Warm Mineral Water with Aroma and Flowers
Thermal Bath Therapy 
Swimming in the Pool, Jacuzzi 
Relax on the Sun Beds, Steam Bath
Body massage and Thai Massage
Meal and Drink nearby the Pool 

Hot Mineral Mud Bath 
I never intended to do the mud bath first besides we just had a full meal and I was thinking it wasn't a good idea. However, the staff only knows basic english so in the end we had the Mud Bath right away. We were redirected to a garden with jacuzzi-like pool. We rinse our skin under the  rainshower before hopping in the mud pool. A small tube filled the pool with watery mud that was light, odorless and warm. The moment I immersed myself with the mud water I already feel rejuvenated. It was something new for me and quite different from all the baths I had. 
One important thing Avoid submerging your entire head down the mud water, a water dipper is provided for a reason. I do silly things sometimes, i mean all the time ahahaa. After I dipped my entire head down the mud water it filled my ears of course and the water didn't flow naturally. Some sand particles were trapped inside my ear, I was half deaf for the entire bath session. If I'm not wrong think were in the mud bath for 30 minutes or more than, my mum wanted to stay longer but I know it's not advisable. The staff didn't bother to check on us or maybe allowed us to take our time because we were the only customers around at that time. She came to us when she noticed we were already in the rainshower. 

Warm Mineral Water with Aroma and Flowers
Our next bath was the mineral bath this was already prepared ahead of time, just in another jacuzzi-like pool around the area. I've always been dreaming of a bath with floating flowers, dreams do come true! I enjoyed this one more than the mud bath. Yet the mud bath was pretty interesting too, so its safe to say its a tie both are satisfying. 

Thermal Bath Therapy
I didn't get this bath, a small hallway with small holes on the walls surrounded us . When it started to spit out water out from the holes it was painful and strong, just like going under a waterfalls fingernails. I simply stayed in the middle away from the water, then a few minutes later the staff turned it off. Maybe it was meant to remove any residue of mud or flower petals in our body- but no need to be so harsh . 

Steam Bath
Next on the list was the sauna or the steam bath. I always see it as a humongous dumpling oven preheated for the next dish and that dish was me ahahaa. Here goes my imagination again. I wish they serve dumplings inside , that would definitely be a wonderful experience. 

Body massage and Thai Massage for an hour
Our skin was pink, soft and supple after the steam bath. I didn't know it was fine to have a massage afterwards but we did. What I love about these place is the genuine effort of the management to keep all the guest feel relax. Even the view under the massage table had a small basin with little white flowers. It kept me calm and focused entirely on the acupressure and strokes done on my body. 

Meal and Drinks nearby the Pool 
After the massage we went to relax on the sun bed along the swimming pool. The staff turned on the Jacuzzi once we arrived on the pool side area, what a great service they have! They offered us our meal and drinks. This is also included in the package. I ordered pizza while my mum had their tuna clubhouse and fruit shakes for our beverage.  

That night going early to bed was a piece of cake. I snap right into dreamland the moment my face touched the pillow. Even the strong scent of the new mattress rocked me to sleep like a baby.  

Sixth Day

Early departure back to Saigon or to Ho Chi Minh City. Booked the bus ticket the other day with Kim Nhanh Travel , this tourist agency is right beside our hostel. 
Bus ticket (Mui Ne to Saigon): 140,000 VND
Travel time: 5-6 hours 

Breakfast in Mui Backpackers Village Cafe
Scrambled Egg with Bread and White Coffee: 30,000 VND
Banana Pancake with honey and Black Coffee: 30,000 VND
The bus arrived exactly 8 o'clock in front of our hostel to pick us up , and then we drove to other nearby hostel for other passengers. The travel was more than 6 hours maybe because we had two stop over along the way. This is not good if you're catching a flight in the city. Our scheduled flight was around 3:45 in the afternoon so we were on rushed to get to the city when we've noticed the bus took longer than expected. When we got to Saigon I waved at the first taxi driver I've laid my eyes on and hop inside as soon as we got our luggage from the bus compartment. There's always traffic in the central part of the city so be flexible and don't forget to add in an hour or two in your travel time table. 

Taxi Fare (Saigon to the Airport): 350,000 VND This is quite expensive and I don't have the patience to look for another cab with a cheaper price. Well actually I was still able to do some bargaining because he offered 400,000 VND at first so I got him to give it to me at 350,000 VND -better than nothing.
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