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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Kayaking in Krabi, Thailand

Kayaking in Krabi
Second Day

Full Day Kayaking 
Time: 8:39 AM - 4:30 PM
Adult: 1,500 baht
Child: 900 baht

Kayaking Itinerary: 
Pick up from hotel
Transfer to Bor Thor Village
Paddle to the Mangrove Forest
See Tham Lod Tai, tunnel that takes you under the limestone mountain. Stalactites and Stalagmites gathered at the entrance.
See Tham Pee Hua Tho, a spacious airy cave
Inside check the cave walls for prehistoric paintings and layers of archeological shells.
Lunch at Riverside Restaurant
Paddle to Tham Lod Nua and see Tham Khao Wong , inner lagoon.
Watch for Dusky Langur and Leaf Monkeys.
Swim in a cold spring
Transfer back to hotel

Vacation Checklist:
Waterproof camera or casing for your phone
Waterproof bag is provided for your things
Extra clothing 

We woke early to prepare and have our breakfast in the rooftop bar. Light breakfast is provided, sliced bread, jams and banana's. You have the option to toast the bread or eat it straight away with the jam. It's a backpackers hostel so everything is self service, have the initiative to put back the bean bags, magazines and wash your own dishes. 

We were picked up right on time from Miniboxtel and off to Bor Thor Village. There was only two of us booked for that day, we tried to pick up two more tourist but they didn't showed up. It was a VIP vibe, the van and guide was all to our dispense. 
Travel time: 45 minutes to an hour
Our destination was to the Mangrove Forest, passing by two caves: Tham Lod Thai and Tham Pee Hua Tho, a lagoon named Tham Khao Wong and last stop in Phu Tara cold spring. It was a perfect sunny day for Kayaking. The water was calm and everything looked fresh and green. We paddled through a thick mangrove forest with its roots and branches sticking out from all its sides.  Be careful not to run over the roots, respect the plant and you'll have a smooth ride. Our tour guide showed us how these plants multiply by simply dropping of a long slender branch to the water. They don't need much for nourishment and can survive on its own as long as it stays in the water. He showed us what seemed like a mudsweeper near the mangrove roots, jokingly called it a walking fish. Try your luck and watch out for Dusky Langur and Leaf Monkeys.

We came across a cave tunnel named Tham Lod Tai, a tunnel that takes you under the limestone mountain, where stalactites and stalagmites gathered at the entrance. Caves always gives me the feeling of being in another world. It's always been a mysterious place for me, what goes inside the cave when no one is looking is something I don't fancy to know. If its just the minerals growing then that's just acceptable. When we reached the end of the cave tunnel, a mermaid shaped out from calcium deposit was at the corner. She waved goodbye as we paddle away from the cave. 
Our guide told us that these part of Krabi is still unseen by most tourist. It always depends on the weather, if the water is too high then its not advisable to embark on a kayaking session. We visited another spacious airy cave "Tham Pee Hua Tho", where we saw prehistoric paintings on the walls and layers of archaeological shells found on the cave ground and in rocks. I'm a bit doubtful of its authenticity but the site was approved by the government. The paintings looked like crayon drawings, most of them are on top of the cave ceiling. Millions of years ago this cave could have been inhabited by people which explains the paintings, or it could have been done by gifted animals. Even long before that it must have been submerged underwater, which shows all the shells and coral-like fossils inside the cave. 

I like this cave it has this friendly vibe all over place so we end up having fun nside. We saw a small tree where we played around taking pictures and even climbed a tall rock to see a birds eye view of the cave. It's important to have a travel buddy who thinks the same way as you are, the trip will be more enjoyable and more memorable. After spending 20 minutes inside the historical Tham Pee Hua Tho Cave , it was time to visit another beautiful place. We paddled to a more denser part of the mangrove forest to Tham Lod Nua, another cave tunnel where we learned to maneuver the kayak to fit in a small path that it extends to the green lagoon named Tham Khao Wong. 

Later on, we went back to the starting point where we had our lunch at the Riverside Restaurant. Food was delicious. 
Our last stop for that day was to Phu Tara Resort , a Cold Spring less than 30 minutes away from the kayaking site. It was a relaxing and  refreshing experience especially after the kayaking. The sun was shining brightly, the heat was exhausting and the our sweat is all over the place. I considered the cold spring a grand way of ending the day. We spent 45 minutes playing and relaxing in the water then went afterwards back to hotel. Dinner at an authentic thai restaurant. Authentic Pad thai and meat with green curry. Price ranges from 100 baht-200 baht. It's a small restaurant far off from the tourist, if you're willing to explore you will feed your tummy with good food at an affordable price.

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