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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Water Rafting and Pung Chang Cave Tour in Krabi, Thailand

Water Rafting and Pung Chang Cave Tour

7km White Water Rafting, Waterfalls Hike and Pung Chang Cave
Adult: 3,300 baht
Child: 3,000 baht

Day Itinerary:
7 kilometres White Water Rafting
Thai Lunch 
Jungle Walk to Raman Waterfall
Visit Tum Pung Chang (Pung Chang Cave)
by Canoe, Bamboo Rafting and Cave River Walking

I love water rafting. My first water rafting experience was in Phuket with my mum. This time around I'm going on an even more extreme level, 7 kilometres white water rafting plus a small waterfall going down the stream. It's my friend's first time to be on board and I'm just so excited for her. I really like to be with people whose not afraid to try new things, luckily I meet this brave person. 

The van picked us up from the hostel early in the morning, traveled more than an hour to the water rafting site. Life jackets and helmets were provided to ensure everyone's safety. After a short briefing about what to do and not to do, we proceeded to take our seats in the inflatable boat along the river bank. It started smooth then we pass through big boulders of rocks and that's when the fun begins. I screamed and laughed. The guide kept on reminding us to balance to avoid capsizing, once he said the command everyone sings in unison the word "balance". It was funny how everyone's face lights up and immediately adjusted their position. After the 3 km and 5 km point all of our mates went back to land except for me and my friend. We were going all the way to 7 kilometres which is a bit rougher than the previous marks. My favorite part of the rafting was towards the end, we slide through a small waterfalls and I bounced from left to right like a log. The guide then told us if we wanted the boat to capsized, both of us screamed but of course it was just a joke. We went banana's and burst out laughing like gorillas. It was such a fun way to end the kayak and a very exhilarating rafting experience for this year.  

Afterwards we rode the van and had our lunch in a nearby restaurant. Famished and still extremely energetic I devoured my food in seconds. It was delicious and satisfying. Our next activity was a Jungle Walk to Raman Waterfall. By this time it was drizzling so the chances of getting to the top of waterfall was slim. The van drove for 30 minutes to the starting point and afterwards we began our short trek to the waterfall. It's just 10 minutes to reach the base of the waterfall then we walk 5 minutes more where you can have a cold deep in the water. I only managed to walk in the water, there were fishes nibbling on my foot and I really dont like the feeling. This is the reason why I've never tried fish spa ahahaaa. The waterfall trip ended early as the rain got stronger, everyone was advised to get back to the van. 

Our last stop is considered as one of the most Amazing place in Thailand. We drove for another 30 minutes for our drop off point. The cave is located on the elephant mountain specifically in the center part or inside its belly. It's quite amazing that the mountain literally looked like an elephant. Even inside the cave was mind blowing, the guide told us that there were 3 ways of getting our way inside the cave. First by a Canoe, Bamboo Rafting and Cave River Walk to a small path to see the mystery rock.  The first thing I saw inside the cave was q white snake, I'm really not sure about the color maybe it was just the flashlights reflection that made it look white. Headlights are provided. The guide smiled and told that us we were lucky, its rare to find something like that in the cave. It quickly put a big smile on my face despite the fact that it might have fall to our canoe and we all crazily jump to the water. We saw gigantic stalactites and stalagmites formation inside. It reminded me of my Palawan trip in Philippines, where I've visited one of the 7 wonders of Nature the famous "Underground River".  

It wasn't really a long canoe ride, maybe a 10 minutes paddle to the bamboo raft point.  The bamboo raft is useful for those with limited space inside the cave, the path gets smaller as you go far from the entrance. Less than 5 minutes we were up to our feet and started walking the small stream. The guide showed us a few special rock formations: a small elephant, a heart-shaped and a mother and child rock. It's amusing how nature works and seeing all the rocks and calcium salt deposits made me respect mother nature more. We passed by a special water basin where its said to be sacred and a good luck for anyone who touches the water. I've always feel blessed but an add in good luck water charm would be nice as well. I prayed and wished. Call it dramatic but let me be. We were advised not to touch the stalactites especially the ones that glitters or else they will lose their sparkles. It looked like pin-point diamonds sparkling when struck with lights. There was this special time when we turn off our flashlights and everything went pitch black and dead silent. I managed to turn around, amaze with what I see as the last glimpse of light escaped my sight. 

We walk further inside the cave  to see the precious rock and the reason why this cave is famous in Krabi. Settled peacefully on top of the cave was the white elephant shaped like a rock, it was an incredible rock formation and the only prominent white stone above the cave. It was said that a professor discovered the white elephant rock  inside the cave through his dreams. A landmark has been placed outside the vicinity to remember his significant contribution to Krabi. 

We finished the tour dazed with what we've seen in Pung Chang Cave. Taking pictures was not allowed inside, good thing a bulletin board was posted outside with pictures depicting the cave. While waiting for our pick-up van and the other tourist who has chosen a different package from us. We meet Ms. Kookai ,she has worked with Pung Chang Cave as customer service for quite sometime. I can't help myself from telling her our experience inside the cave especially with the snake encounter. It turns out my friend didn't see the snake at all. She said these kind of experience doesn't happen all the time, it's good luck especially if you haven't meet your partner in life. She was really excited for me and even asked me to come again soon with my future husband, and with that visit she will hand it to us for free. I smiled and told her I will. So future hubby please bare in mind to come with me to Pung Chang Cave anytime soon. 

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