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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Where to stay in Krabi

First Day in Krabi 
May 2015

Last year I was just daydreaming of heading to Krabi and then it happened. I actually thought to myself I've already visited Phuket and I should be contended with that. Then one day I saw a promo fare ticket in Airasia's website to Krabi. Fortunately, I booked the ticket immediately and persuaded a friend to join me. So here I go again with my pink backpack traveling to the land of Tom Yam, Pad Thai and in one of the world's best beaches. A country close to my heart with all the lovely memories it brought to my travels. I purchased the plane ticket from Singapore to Krabi last year for only SGD 100 , that's already a two way ticket.  It was such a great deal that I can't afford to lose. However, our desired flight schedule was moved to a different time that means 2 days of our stay in Krabi was spent on the plane traveling to Thailand and back to Singapore. It was disheartening and we had no choice but to deal with it. This is one main reason why we booked our tours right away the moment we arrived in Krabi to ensure that we maximize all our days. 

We arrived late in the afternoon at Krabi International Airport. 
Bus ticket counter is just inside the airport right after you come down from the escalator, a series of bus liner fills out the corner. 
Bus Ticket to Ao Nang: 150 Baht 

Be adventurous and take the bus its more fun and cheaper compared to the taxi. Taxi cost around 600 baht to Ao Nang. Once you get inside the bus they will ask for your hotel's name for your drop off point so getting lost is not really an option. 

Check in 
Miniboxtel Hostel 
5D4N for SGD 112
2 beds ( dormitory )
Light breakfast is provided

Miniboxtel Hostel 
247/3 M.2 Aonang Muang Krabi TH 81000 
+66 089 4731704

Miniboxtel is conveniently nearby all the things you needed, from shopping to food and massage parlors. One thing I love about this place is that its just less than 10 minutes away from the beach. Everyday we go to the beach to watch the sunset. 

Light breakfast is provided which consist of  sliced bread, cereals, jams and banana's. You have the option to toast the bread or eat it straight away with the jam. It's a backpackers hostel so everything is self service, have the initiative to put back the bean bags, magazines and wash your own dishes.  

We went straight to the beach after we settled our things in the hostel. Walked 5 minutes away from the hostel and reached Ao Nang beach. People gathered there to witness the sunset, spectators were all over the place. It's hard to capture a photo without someone head, shadows and a group doing jump shot in the frame. It was a lovely sunset, a fusion of yellow to red to orange plus an indigo color and a splash of bright light filled the sky. 

Bargaining with a smile always works especially if you're on a tight budget it just comes naturally. We had huge discount just by stretching the muscles in our mouth. try to work on your charm. Here are the bargain prices we got for our tour packages, we save around 700-1,100 baht. We booked our kayaking tour in the hostel while for our island hopping and water rafting package was when we are out looking for a restaurant. They have small tour stalls all around the place where you can choose a variety of trips at your own convenience.

Kayaking : 1,000 baht
Island Hopping: 1,100 baht
Water Rafting and Cave Canoeing: 2,200 baht

After we've decided with the tours it was time for our first meal. If you're looking for authentic thai cuisine go for those with no one standing infront of the restaurant asking for you to go in. These is quite normal in Krabi there are other nationalities who has set-up their business on the island. One mistake we've learned that night was the time when went in on one of those restaurants.

Watermelon Smoothie, Mixed Fruit Smoothies: 90 Baht
Deep fried fish topped with Mango Salad: 290 Baht
Green Curry with Prawns: 180 Baht

I went for any early shopping because I forgot a few important things in my list. It was already packed inside my bag, then last minute I decided to leave two beach shorts behind for one gym short. In the end I wasn't able to pack any shorts with me Ahahaa. There's a long stretch of shops and restaurants nearby the hotel, some has exaggerated prices so be ready to use your bargain skills. 

Beach Shorts: 250 baht and Rash guard: 300 baht

Our midnight street snack was this delicious Banana Pancake topped with chocolate syrup just cost around 20-50 baht, and its really delicious. We went back to the hotel early to clean up and get ready for the next day. I love the hostels security measures. All were given a security card to tap in everytime one wants to go inside the room, even the toilet door has a security pass. It made me feel safe and even my belongings are secured. 

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