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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

10 Travel Tips To Keep in Mind

10 Travel Tips To Keep in Mind

1. Research ahead of time. Read blogs and forums with like-minded people. Consider your budget, the currency versus your money, the weather and what activities you're planning to do. 

2. Watch out for promo fares. These are usually available during holidays or on weekdays. They said its better to watch out for low fares around Tuesday and Thursday. Be flexible with your travel date. 

3. Make a travel Itinerary. A well planned out travel is better than a wasted day of getting lost in a foreign land. I do still believe that getting lost is an adventure as long you know where you're going to. It's important to know your night bus schedules, ferry rides and alternative routes for your travel. 

4.Book your accommodation. Backpackers usually say they will just find the nearest available place in the area, "come what may huh?." This is a wrong mentality, it's careless and irresponsible, especially if you're a female backpacker. I always make sure I'm staying in a clean and safe place. Have some time to check trip advisor comments on your accommodation. Consider how far it is from the airport and how near it is to your designated activities. I personally email my desired guesthouse and even try to ask for a discount. Everyday should be a lucky day and surprisingly if you believe it that way it does happen.

5. Check availability. If you're planning for a hike or trek book your activity ahead of time. You will need a local guide for this kind of trails, and even permits that allows you to climb. When it comes to Diving especially for courses it should be book weeks or months before your first class. If you're just looking at fun diving then a 2 days early booking should be fine. I was a bit careless with one my trip good thing there was an available slot the next day for a dive. However, there was no chance of haggling to get a good price. If you're planning to take a dive course at least inform the dive center with your plans. While for day to day activities like kayaking, water rafting and snorkeling book one day ahead is fine. Avoid booking your flight on the last day of your dive or trek for safety and travel flexibility purposes.

6. The most important thing jot down your Vacation Checklist. You don't want leave anything important behind. I travel a lot so I already know what things I should be bringing along on my trip. On the otherhand, I always make sure that I have a list to double check all that is needed for my travel, especially when you're going on a solo trip. You have to watch out for yourself and try to save some money too.  The penny you spent on a toothbrush left in the sink is equivalent to a tasty street food in the corner. For instance, many travellers always leave behind: medicine, tissue, slippers, a spare memory card, one more battery for your camera, extra cash and the list goes on. Better make that list then! 

7. Learn to be flexible. Sometimes you have to take some detours with your travels . Allot some extensions with your travel time and make room for adventure mixed with a tinge of patience. They are instances that thing don't go accordingly to plan, don't let this ruin your travel instead find ways to enjoy each moment. There's this one trip I had I wasn't able to fulfill one activity so instead I had a massage and a food trip bonanza, it was all worth it at the end of the day. Don't waste your time and just be spontaneous. 

8. Keep in mind to take care of yourself, the things you've read in the forums, all those do's and don'ts were written down not to spoil your travel but to serve as your guidelines. I believe in safety first, I don't want to leave a country with a traumatic experience. Avoid dark alleys, be home before midnight unless you're in a resort and always keep your head above waters for scams out there. 

9. Be open-minded. Embrace the wonders that you see and respect the locals around you. If you show kindness they will be your friend. Trust me, I'm a skeptical kind of person but sometimes you just have to let go of your boundaries and learn to connect with people. They will take care of you as if you were part of their family. We are all indeed intertwined with something that makes us care for each other. Love. Spread the love and be loved. 

10. Lastly, feed your soul. Travel is not just about escaping work and the daily responsibilities of life. It's learning that they are more people out there whose different from you, with distinct cuisine, culture and tradition. Let your wandering feet see the explicit beauty of other countries. Be enlightened how we are all living this so-called life, full of mystery and love. 


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    1. Hello Garima Verma,

      If you have the chance take it. Paragliding is one of my favorite bucket list of all time.

      Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!