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Monday, January 25, 2016

Conquering my fear of heights with Skydiving

Conquering my fear of heights with Skydiving

When I was a child, almost all of my dreams involved flying. I thought, I could never experience the amazing feeling of flying in reality. The fact  of jumping off the plane at 10,000 feet high felt like someone is pulling me down to get off the plane before it could even ascend. But luckily, I've still managed to do it and it was the best adventure I've ever did so far. Wow, that sounds like I'm still planning and waiting for more extreme adventures to come! Well, when opportunity permits, why not? 

Here are some tips for folks like me who likes to try skydiving but is afraid, firstly, because of fear of heights. 

1. Have the courage to conquer your fears. The feeling is incomparable if you achieve your goal. Try it at least once in your life, these are the things that you seldom do or things you couldn't imagine you can do at all. Like maybe joining a 5 kilometers marathon when you've always find yourself in bed, and for sure at the end of the day you'll find yourself smiling . Be addicted to that feeling. 

2. When somebody invites you for a daring adventure, just say "YES" . Yes is the key to conquering your fear. And I said "Yes" for skydive. 

3. Prepare yourself. Condition yourself for that event. Go up to the roof deck of your flat or apartment just to see the ground. It will help lessen your fear of heights.

4. Watch skydive videos on You tube and be excited. Imagine the feeling after you've done it.

5. Be punctual on your scheduled jump. Rushing to the last minute will just add up to your nervousness. Make sure you have time to sit back and relax. 

6. Go to the toilet as much as you like. You might feel the urge of peeing from time to time due to hormonal body reactions. 

7. Wear comfy clothes and rubber shoes during the jump. Do note that temperature above is colder, so you may wear pants & jackets. 

8. Pay attention to the instructor for safety precautions during the skydive. But, don't worry if you're jumping in tandem skydive because the instructor will be the one to guide you from start to finish. What you only need to do is to ride and enjoy the fall.

9. You may experience difficulty in breathing as you ascend, just yawn or scream to release the pressure and to take in more oxygen. 

10. Be ready to jump and just let go of your body. Make an arch form and extend both arms sideways. Experience the free fall feeling for about 45 seconds. 

11. Once the parachute is deployed, you can talk with the instructor and have more fun. Enjoy the spectacular view above. 

12. During the descend, prepare yourself for landing. Knees should be lifted up, enough that you can see both. And also prepare your butt in case there's a strong impact upon hitting the ground.

A few words from my Guest Blogger:

"Just call me Ahdy, I just woke up from a deep sleep a year ago and realized that I need to go out from my box to explore the world. I made my first step and so far it's quiet fun and addicting. Now, I'm on my way to more travels and adventures with God's Grace."

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