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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Last Day in Yangon, Myanmar

Last Day in Yangon, Myanmar

I had a wonderful sleeper bus experience for 4 days straight in Myanmar. Even thou I wasn't able to bathe properly, get a nice and clean toilet for  all my natural needs and have enough sleep. I have started to embrace the adventurous essence it had given to my traveler's soul. It's the amazing feeling of just letting go and literally stepping out of my comfort zone. Sleeping on a bus puts you at risk for back pain problem, losing your belongings, sleep deprivation, separation anxiety, even road accidents and worst case scenario getting hijacked by bandits. Being brave enough to put yourself out there, just trusting your instincts and hope things go well according to plan gives you the freedom of a gypsy soul. No wonder Gypsies travel from one place to another like there's no tomorrow. They're literally free spirited people who goes along with the flow of events, allowing the force of the universe to work its natural powers over their existence. 

March 15 Yangon 
6am till 4pm Sightseeing

Nyaung Shwe (Inle Lake) to Yangon
JJ Epxress Night Schedule: (Last trip)
18:30-6:00 am
Bus Fare: 25,000 Kyat

Whole day Taxi Fee: 30,000 Kyat

Last Myanmar Breakfast

The previous night we boarded the bus in Nyaung Shwe to Yangon. We rented the same taxi on our first day which was referred by a friend. The whole taxi fee includes sightseeing and transfer to the airport. Our oh so awesome  friendly driver's name is Kyaw Min Oo, a burmese guy who loves to smile at any given situation. He brought us to a small busy restaurant which serves authentic myanmar dish for breakfast. 
Myanmar Breakfast
Shwe Ei Mok Hin Har (Rice Noodle Soup with Fish)
Shwe Taung Khout Swel (Noodle Soup with Coconut Cream)
Shwe Taung Style

Bike Tour in Union National Races Village
Entrance fee: 4,000 kyat
Bike Rental: 1,000 kyat

Goodies Shopping in Hypermarket 
Early Dinner: Steamed Fish, Crispy Eel and Frapuccino

After we proceeded to the Union National Races Village to know a little of the country's history. This was just a quick tour as the sun was over our heads and its unbearable. I really don't know why the heat got us as we have the same weather in Philippines and Singapore. We wanted to escape the heat and freshen up so we asked Kyaw to dropped us off at the nearest mall. The toilet was clean and quiet so it gave us ample of time to wash our faces and all. I've never imagine bathing myself with baby wipes and alcohol in a small hypermarket in the city of Yangon. It was a bit funny as the toilet cleaner started to noticed our monkey business, when we came out from the toilet there more of them as if we were a new attraction in a zoo that's a must to see. Afterwards, we proceeded to the supermarker bought some myanmar tea and coffee, dried pork skin and some mynamar dried fruit candies, it only cost us around 200,000 kyat-400,000 kyat for all of this. It's always cheaper to do goodies shopping in the supermarket than in any tourist sites, its more safer as it has an expiry date and way more varieties too. 

Souvenirs at Bogyoke Aung San Market
We had a hard time looking for keychains in the hypermart so we texted Kyaw to pick us up and send us to the famous tourist market around the area. 

As the clock strikes 4 in the afternoon it was time to drive to the airport. The traffic gets really bad in the afternoon, provide an hour or more of travel time to the airport. 

Yangon International Airport to Changi Airport Terminal 1
Jetstar 3K584 Flight time: 7:20 pm - 11:55 pm
Flight Travel time: 3 hours 

Here's a few tips about Myanmar:

Myanmar Words
I learned a few Myanmar words during my short trip, this really comes in handy as it puts a smile to everyones faces. Make someones day by saying this few kind words with a big smile. 
cè-zù tin-ba-deh - Thank you (I say this after purchasing something)
cè-zù tin-mari (Ji Sew Teh Mari) - Thank you very much (I used this much often as it is more respectful and really brightens up their faces)
Min-ga-la-ba - Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good Evening 

Money Exchange
As of 2016 1 US Dollar = 1178.10 Myanmar Kyat while 1 Singapore Dollar = 867.30 Myanmar Kyat. In Yangon International Airport there's a limit of 200 USD for money change for some reason. Better change a few kyats for your travel expenses in your country. We managed to change a few dollars to kyat in Nyaung Shwe and slightly higher too, they close early in the afternoon so once you find a money changer get your money change right away. 

Myanmar's dry season is from October to May, wet season from May/June through to early October. 

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