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Sunday, September 18, 2016

How to go to Ella's Rock Trail, Sri Lanka

Ella's Rock

Hiking Time: 4 hours (roundtrip)
10:50 Am - 2:00 Pm

Ella's Rock stands around 1150 meters above sea level. Hire a local guide for 1,500 rupees / 12 USD per person or better just do it yourself. Once again there's no specific trail to the summit, I heard during the hike that there's an easy and hard trail. I might say we took the latter as we didn't passed by any paved road as what they say with the other trail. It's a bit challenging compared to Little Adam's Peak, our new friend had a hard time catching up so we had to rest a couple of times. 

Next stop was Ella's Rock. Our friendly guesthouse owner decided to come along with us. We took a train from Ella to a nearby town i forgot the name maybe Badulla? but it was just one train stop away. This wasn't the plan as our research told us we can actually just hike from the railway station to Ella's rock. We were with a local I mean what could possibly go wrong?! Funny thing is it was his first time to Ella's rock, no wonder he wanted to hike with us. He originally lives in Colombo and just started his business in Ella a few months ago. My friend and I got a bit worried but we made it to the train tracks which was shown on our research as the right way to Ella's rock. A few climbers was on the road with us too. The trail starts in the railway lines, passing by tea plantations and up the hills to Ella's Rock. 

Follow the train tracks. Careful with the passing train. I saw a slipper along the railway and thought to myself where could the other missing pair be Ahahaa . Don't miss the turn to Ella's rock,  it's a small road alongside the railway line.

If you find this steel bridge then you're on the right track. Pass by tea plantations.

Pass through a small corn fields.

Hike up with the rubber trees. Take good care of your knees and ankle as you climb the root stairs ahead. 

Great Job! You've reached Ella's Rock. On top there's a guy selling bottled water, a few snacks and even a cup of tea if you want to hang around for a while. 

The edge of the summit might not look daunting in the picture but I tell you standing there took me sometime. One lose footing, one boisterous laugh and you're gone from this lifetime. As always descending down the mountain is faster but always keep in mind to be careful with your footing to avoid injuries. The hike was over, the sun was over our heads, heat exhaustion was eating us alive. Smart way to go was to retreat back to the guesthouse, get a bottle of coca-cola , ice cream drumstick and a power nap. By 4 in the afternoon we were up and hiking again.

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