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Friday, September 16, 2016

Little Adam's Peak Trail, Sri Lanka

How to get there: Little Adam’s Peak 

Little Adam’s Peak 
Hiking time: two hours (round trip) 
5:30 Am - 9:30 Am

Little Adam's Peak stands around 1141 meters above sea level. A short, easy hike for everybody. There are no precise signs heading to Little Adam's Peak either you follow other hikers, ask a local or get a guide. All three advice were followed but instead of hiring a local guide we took a guide map to make sure we're on the track. If you're in doubt with the route ask any local passing by the road. We were also a bit lucky that day because we found a few climbers. 

Starting point: Get to Ella's town. The police stop post or checkpoint is where the hike begins. You can double check your route with the friendly policemen in the post.

The hike to Adams Peak would take an hour which includes flat roads and a straining stairs climbing before reaching the summit. 

Pass by the tea plantation. Keep walking straight and follow the dirt road.

Little Adam's Peak is also known as Mini Adam's Peak, next to 98 Acres Resort and right side of the White Buddha. 

A great exercise to wake up those tired muscles, smell the fresh air and see the real beauty of Sri Lanka. 

Once you've the reach the summit keep walking and follow the road less traveled for more breathtaking views.

Thou we didn't make it for the sunrise the hike up the peak was all worth it. Ella's rock was in view just right in front of us on the other side of the mountain. We had an apple for breakfast with the breathtaking view of the mountains, salty sweat for our drink and a happy heart for a hike well done. 

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