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Monday, November 28, 2016

Best-tasting Foods in Singapore

Favourite Foods in Singapore

The food diversity in Singapore is amazing. There are lot of foods to choice from: Singaporean, Malaysian, Indian and even Western food. For the food enthusiast check out their food fusion and be ready for the distinct burst of flavors that will surely make you crave for more. Food is definitely not cheap in Singapore, you'll be spending more than you know. Most especially if you're a big eater like me who thinks life is short so might as well eat whatever pleases my appetite. Besides I always convinced myself that I'm on a SEEfood diet, I need to religiously follow my doctor's order. Here's a list of delectable dishes that I find mouth-watering and irresistible in Singapore.  

1. Hokkien Mee
My favorite dish of all time is the Singaporean, Malaysian Hokkien Mee. A noodle dish sauté with egg, rice noodles, a few pieces of squid, shrimp and pork slices. Top it off with fried pork skin, slices of lime juice and sambal or their own special spicy sauce. I always have this once a week last time, due to health purposes I now have it at least once or twice a month. All hawker centres, kopitiam, food republic and other food outlet sells this dish. 

2. Wanton Mee Noodles
I'm in love with wanton mee noddles with dumpling soup. I like mine mixed with all the sauce in the list and just a little bit of spicy sauce for the kick. Most hawker centres and kopitiam offers this delectable dish. I personally love food republic wanton mee noodles. 

3. One dollar Ice Cream
The cheapest dessert in Singapore! My favorite dessert of all time. When I first came to Singapore I would purposely go to Orchard to get this treat. The push trolleys are all over Singapore, I've found one at the end of Helix bridge in Marina Bay Sands, somewhere in Clark Quay and Tampines Mrt. 

4. Prima Deli's Waffles and Egg Tart
I love the pandan waffle with blueberry jam. Even the egg tart taste good. There are other pastry shops that sells waffles nearby the Mrt station and it's equally tasty. The smell reminds me of my childhood days, happy memories thats worth every bite. 

5. Chicken Rice
A local friend told me to never ever leave SG or Singapore without trying the most affordable meal in the country, the sought after chicken rice. This meal feed me for months when I started my first job. It's cheap and delicious but it's not healthy to have it everyday. 

6. Old Chang Kee Snacks
My top 3 choices are Sotong(octopus) Head, Cheezy sausage and Chicken meatballs. These three fried unhealthy snacks always leaves me smiling, top it off with their chilly sauce and my world spins with glorious glory.

7. Cheese Prata
This is the first Indian food I've tried in Singapore. And I was hooked to it. I would tag along with a friend of mine to Aljunied mrt to have a bite of this tasty treat. You can have it with mushroom and banana. It's usually available outdoors like in hawker centres, look for the Indian outlet or around Little India Mrt. 

8. Malay's beef rendang 
A Muslim colleague of mine brought along his mum's cooking during a christmas party. Everyone tried it, all was pleased. It was so good. The only malay food that captured my taste bud. It's a popular dish for the Malay community, find it in halal restaurants and hawker centres. 

9. Satay dipped in peanut sauce
I find this unappetizing at first. I'm used with the taste of pork barbecue with tomato ketchup. While Satay's in Singapore has meat varieties from chicken, beef and mutton. All serve with peanut sauce. Now I craved for it every single time I pass by Lau Pa Sat and Makansutra, tourist food spots in the country. I strongly believe one stick is not enough, the more the merrier. A great energy booster after a Duathlon race in East Coast.

10. Indian's Chicken Murtabak
Someone from my yoga class introduce me to this delectable indian food. It looks like a prata made into a wrap with chicken or beef stuffing inside plus a tomato sauce and cucumber on the sides. The most delicious one I tried is at Zam Zam Restaurant, a green colored restaurant in front of Masjid Sultan Mosque, a few minutes away from Bugis Mrt. 

11. Milk Tea
First impression last they say but this drink proved me wrong. I'm definitely a hard core milk or bubble tea lover now. This drink has been a great part of my survival in Singapore. It had lift me up when I'm down and celebrated with all my everyday simple pleasures. My favourites: Koi's Hazelnut Milk Tea, Gongcha's Milk Tea and Ajantea's QQ Milk tea. Always these three or nothing else. 

12. Glace Banana Log Cake
Glace is a Japanese Pastry Shop with only three branches in the country. This cake made me believe that heaven has a place on earth. If I can have this as my wedding cake my mouth will cry for joy. I love it from moon and the back. This is what true love feels. 

13. Quesadillas 
I've always loved Mexican Food. The Chicken Quesadillas in Piedra Negra is a bomb. They serve great food, upbeat mexican music and its a place that reminds me of good times with a good friend of mine. We go to yoga class together, every now and then we would have some quesadillas after session. The restaurant is in Arab Street, a walking distance from Bugis MRT. 

14. Spring Rolls & Vietnamese Noodles 
My favourite Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore is this place called Little Vietnam. Walking distance from Paya Lebar Mrt. I love discreet restaurants. My friend knew this place through word of mouth which makes it a reliable place to go to. People who are satisfied and impressed with a meal will always share this kind of wonderful discovery. 

15. Chinatown Beef Noodles 
My colleague invited me one day to try this dish in Chinatown. It's located inside the hawker centre near Chinatown MRT. The beef is tender and the soup is savory. Mix it up with some spicy sauce to add a little twist. 

16. Bak Kut Teh
The name somehow sounds like a Japanese character but its actually a famous soup in Singpaore. A pork or beef dish with peppery soup. I like to have this on a rainy day. A match made in heaven. 

17. Ayam Penyet
An Indonesian fried chicken cooked with crispy perfection. The chili sauce is overwhelmingly good. I like to have this sometimes thou I'm staying away from fried foods. I also like Ayam Bakar instead of having the chicken fried its grilled in fire then brush with sweet sauce.

18. Affordable Dimsum 
There's this one particular dimsum restaurant I always go to. Just walking distance from Aljunied Mrt. In between Bamboo Lounge and Thye Seng Hardware Enterprise. I've never figured out the name of this underdog dimsum place. Food is great here and price is cheap from siomai to dumpling and even have chilly crab in the menu. 

19. Pig Internal Organs Soup
Some people will find this unappealing. I like the soup mixed with the rubber like organs, liver and garlic. It's not a healthy meal too but I like it. I'll be missing this dish. Some Kopitiam and Hawkers have this available in the Pig's Organ Soup food stall.

20. Drinks in 1 Altitude Rooftop Bar
Wednesday is ladies night. I remember celebrating my birthday here with my colleagues. They surprise me along with another celebrant  with a flaming blue drink. My first fired up drink and having it for a few seconds made us go crazy for a short while.

21. Swensen's Ice Cream
I remember having my free firefly ice cream in Swensen's Changi Airport. We just got back from a short trip in Cambodia, our arrival day was also my birthday date. Swensen's offers free ice cream for birthday celebrants, so don't forget to bring along your friend next time around. Check out their Earthquake Ice Cream where you get to select 8 different kinds of flavour with hot fudge and selected choice of toppings.

22. Euno's ABC Pork Soup
I've tried different kinds of ABC soup in Singapore and this so far is the best. I'm not trying to be bias thou it's located perfectly near my place. The lady who attends to the customers has a very pleasing face, she always smiles as she prepares the soup, no wonder it tastes good too. And for gold members like me I get to have 2 small packs of chilly soy sauce and most importantly extra more rice to my order. The name of the food stall is Herbal Soup, right at the back of Eunos MRT Station. The pork soup also reminds me of my mum's cooking, so everytime I miss home I come here and that actually happens almost every day ahahaa. 

23. Pappa Rich Char Kway Teow
This dish is famous in Singapore, all hawker centres, kopitiam and Singaporean restaurants has this in the menu. I like how they cook the kway teow in this restaurant, it's not too oily and sweet. I had my farewell dinner with friends at work in Pappa Rich. The best way to say goodbye is with great food and great company. 

24. Strictly Pancakes Pancakes
The best pancakes I've ever tried in Singapore. This place is called Strictly Pancakes, I'm not trying to be funny, that's strictly the real name of the restaurant. It's hard to forget good food mixed with great friends. My friends at work made life easy, work didn't feel like work at all. This is one night out I won't forget. Have some Pancake with shrimps?! Be adventurous order the weird pancakes in the menu, you'll be surprise how good it is. 

25. Just Acia
I tend to get home sick after my travels, or when get I burnout from work and most especially when I missed home back in Philippines. My travel buddy brings me to Just Acia where we get to enjoy unlimited ice cream all night long. My comfort place with all my comfort food available in a plate.

Let me end my Singapore food adventure with a funny quote:
"Dear future husband, "When you propose to me, please don't put a ring in my food because guarantee l will eat it!" Cheers! Burp!

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