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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Surabaya, Indonesia Itinerary

Surabaya Travel Tips

Budget: 200 SGD / 1,800,000 Rupiah 
DIY (Do it yourself) Trip. Easy and Breezy

Day 1, 27 October, Thursday  : Surabaya Airport to Bromo Area

8:15-9:35 - Flight Tiger Airways TR2260 Changi Airport, Singapore to Juanda Airport Surabaya International Airport

1. Just outside the vicinity of Surabaya airport , take bus to Bungurasih bus terminal. Purchase ticket at the exit door. 
2. Take public bus to Probolinggo.  
3. Hop into another Bus to Cemoro Lawang (small mini bus seating 15 pax) 

Check in Yoschi Hotel
1 night: 210,000 Rupiah  
Bromo Sunrise Hike. Early morning drive to Mt Penanjakan.
Jeep Sharing, 4x4 WD to Mt. Bromo: 150,000 Rupiah (Booked with Yoschi Hotel)

Wake up call: 3:00 Am - 3:30 Am
Travel time: 1 hour
Mt. Bromo Entrance Fee: 220,000 Rupiah (tourist) and 27,000 Rupiah (locals) , Check out the big difference. 

Day 2 :  28 October, Friday : Cemoro Lawang to Banyuwangi (Ijen Crater) 
Travel time: 7 hrs drive from Bromo to Ijen Area

1. Cemorolawang to Probolingo
Van sharing: 75,000 Rupiah
Call time: 10:00 Am
Drop off at Bus terminal to Banyuwangi

2. Two options: Train/ Bus from Probolingo to Banyuwangi
a. Train has two timings 11 am and 4 pm. Then take minibus to Hotel. 
b. Bus from Probolingo to Banyuwangi. Then take minibus to Hotel. 

Check in Kampung Osing Inn 
1 night stay : 125,000 Rupiah / 13 SGD for two pax ( 1 room, with towel and breakfast) 
Staff is great however far from Ijen crater, no nearby restaurants and difficult to find mode of transportation. The only great thing about the location is that it's 10 minutes away from Karangacem Train Station.

Day 3 : 29 October, Saturday : Karangacem Train Station (Banyuwangi) to Gubeng Station (Surabaya)

Jeep Sharing: 150,000 Rupiah per pax
Motorcycle to Ijen Crater (2 way): 200,000 Rupiah per pax
Ijen Crater Entrance Fee: 100,000 Rupiah per pax

Ready by 01:00 am. 1 hour drive to the parking area of Mount Ijen, passing Village of Licin, plantations and rainforest by private car or motorcycle. 
Approximately 1-1.5 hours to ascend slope of mount Ijen to reach peak of Ijen Crater. 

Train from Karangacem Train Station (Banyuwangi) to  Gubeng Station (Surabaya)
Business class: 145,000 Rupiah
Train Schedule: 9:15 Am
Travel time: 7 hrs
Make sure to check the train timing, as they only have several train rides per day.

Walk 5 minutes to Hotel from Gubeng station.

Check in My Studio Hotel
1 night: 180,000 Rupiah for two pax (room sharing dormitory, with breakfast)
Great location, walking distance from Matahari Mall and Gubeng Train shuttle.

Day 4 : 30 October, SundaySouvenir Shopping, Gubeng Station (Surabaya) to Juanda Airport Surabaya International Airport

Walk less than 10 minutes to nearby mall to buy souvenirs and goodies. Goodies were cheap yet no souvenirs available. Manage to buy some in the airport but its all plain I love Surabaya keychains no image of Bromo or Ijen Crater. 

Reminders: Purchase your souvenirs in Mt. Bromo, great design at an affordable price. Price range: 25,000-50,000 Rupiah

Indonesia snacks bought at Indo Market at Matahari Mall. Price range from 4,000- 12,000 Rupiah

Drive back to the airport. Booked online by Hotel Receptionist. 
Taxi Fare: 55,000 Rupiah
Travel time: 45 minutes
Jetstar 3K248 2:05- 5:30 Surabaya Airport Terminal 2 to Singapore

Check out: Bromo Hotels and Guesthouse

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