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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cheap Places to Visit in Singapore

Free admission places in Singapore 

I have here a list of places in Singapore where you can roam around for free or at an affordable rate. Even if they said it's expensive to be a tourist in Singapore there are still a lot of ways you can enjoy the country on a budget. 

1. Chinatown
Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Chinatown Mrt (Purple Line)

Exit A Pagoda Street to Chinatown Food Centre
Exit C Crante Money Changer. I've trusted this money changer with all my travel currencies. 

My favourite area as its the liveliest and most colorful place to go in Singapore. Cheap souvenirs and goodies are available in all corners. Food is a bit pricey for a delicious meal. I guess that's expected as its one of the most visited place in Singapore so prices surely goes all the way to the top. However, some meals has reasonable prices if you go to the mall or in Marina Bay Sands its way more expensive. The view is great here, people laughing, the red lanterns brings out the Chinese vibes and the smell of good food just makes you want to try it all. A lot of people takes selfies here so might as well smile when walking around to make you look like a great photobomber. Singapore frames for 4 pieces for 10 sgd only, 5 for 10 sgd scarfs,10 for 10 sgd keychains, 2 for 5 sgd fridge magnets, 5 sgd I love SG shirts and a lot more. 

2. Gardens by the Bay
Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Bayfront Mrt (Blue Line)
Exit B or take the long escalator inside the Marina Bay Sands Shoppes near Chanel to get a better view of the garden which bypass through the hotel. 

Check out the Garden Rhadsody Timings: 07:45 pm, 08:45 pm (Daily) Supertree Grove
Admission: Free

Another favourite tourist spot for me other than its free, the light show in Gardens by the bay is amazing. Everytime the light starts to show up it brings out a different kind of world full of happy sounds with bright colors of dancing lights. It actually reminds me of the movie Avatar especially the scene where the people worshiped the tree of life. The tree groove in the garden absolutely transports me to that dimension. Get here late in the afternoon, lay on the grass have some ice cream and wait until it gets dark. Check out the sky as it changes along with the dancing lights. 

Try the OCBC Walkway to get to the top of the Tree grooves. Tickets are available on the spot inside the garden, get there early on a weekend.
OCBC Walkway Ticket: 5 sgd

3. Marina Bay Area
Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Bayfront Mrt (Blue Line) or Esplanade Mrt (Yellow Line) 

Marina Bay Sands Shoppes has an interesting sightseeing to offer for tourist. There's small river-like inside the mall where a gondola takes you to an upside down fountain and around the mall. On the top level outside the mall the fountain looks a big whirlpool or like a giant washing machine. I remembered the last time I was here I threw a coin and made a wish. 

Check this out accordingly starting from Marina Bay Sands Shoppes, stroll outside the mall, take a look at the Flower Museum, walk on the Helix Bridge, buy the 1 sgd ice cream at the end of the bridge, see the Singapore flyer, pass by the River Ang Bao, have your dinner in Makansutra and further ahead take a picture of the merlion statue. Explore the Marina Bay area late in the afternoon, notice how the sky changes as the city comes to life at night. 

4. Merlion Statue
Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Bayfront Mrt (Blue Line) follow the route in number 3 or alight at Esplanade Mrt (Yellow Line) Exit D

Here's a detailed route: Alight at Esplanada Mrt, take Exit D, Pass through the Mall , take the Escalator Down after the Sushi Restaurant afterwards just right after it take another Escalator Down to the Theatres by the Bay, walk straight no worries it may look like a dead end but those Doors will automatically open for you, then continue walking straight pass by the big hall where a bunch of teenager gather around to sing and dance. Enjoy the Artwork Hallway. A Carpark meets you at the end of the hallway take the entrance door and the Escalator Up to the theatre. Going straight leads to the toilet and the Escalators Up to hall shows or exit to Makansutra and the Merlion Statue. There's a shortcut to Makansutra, another way would be to take the stairs after the escalator, pass through the mall, turn left and take the escalator down. Exit will be at the right side of the escalator to Makansutra. 

The merlion is the iconic symbol of Singapore next to the Marina Bay Sands. The country started out as a fishing village which explains the fish tail while the lion head came from its original name Singapura which means lion city. More than 51 years ago it gained its independence from Malaysia and is now considered one of the most expensive country in the world. Try out different iconic poses with the merlion statue: drinking pose, washing hair pose or simply stand beside it your call. 

5. Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Wonder Full Watershow
Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Bayfront Mrt (Blue Line)
Watershow is situated outside the Mall, beside the Louis Vuitton shop. 

Check out the Showtimes:
Sunday - Thursday: 08:00 pm, 09:30 pm 
Friday and Saturday: 08:00 pm, 09:30 pm, 11:00 pm
Admission: Free

After getting around the marina bay area watch the watershow for free outside MBS. Just sit back and relax. Let Singapore entertain you with its spectacular lights, the singing, special effects and the dancing waters. I used to watch this show after work especially when I'm missing home, the moment it started singing "What a wonderful world" it puts a smile on my face. 

6. Sentosa
Admission: 4 sgd for two way train to Sentosa
Or take the boardwalk outside Vivocity mall to the island for Free. 

How to get there:
Alight at Harbourfront Mrt (Yellow Line/Purple Line) 
Take the Tram Train in Vivocity mall Level 3 to Sentosa Island or take the boardwalk outside the mall to get to the island. 

A man-made island resort situated nearby the Vivocity Mall. Great for sightseeing and picture taking. There's plenty of attractions to choose from in the island. If you want to try out the rides and shows check tickets and timings online, price ranges from 30 sgd-80 sgd. Check out: Universal Studios, Adventure Cove, Sea Aquarium, Megazip, Tiger tower, Luge, Skyride, Wings of Time Watershow and a lot more. 

There's an application you can download through your phone named "Carousell" where you can find 3 rides in one package for a cheap price. Some even has lunch buffet and complimentary free shows. Another place you can get cheap packages is in Lucky Plaza Mall , just walking distance from Orchard Mrt (Red Line). 

7. Haji Lane & Bali Lane
Admission: Free
How to get there:
Alight at Bugis Mrt (Green Line)

Where art and good food collides. My favourite street of all time in Singapore. I love how street art, culture, cute cafes, classy restaurants and different cuisines blend in the environment. Next time I visit Singapore this is top on my list. If you're craving for something authentic, asian, western, coffee, dessert, drinks and all kinds of food fusion then this is your spot. 

8. Orchard Road
Admission: Free
How to get there:
Alight at Orchard Mrt (Red Line)

Shopping capital of Singapore. Big Malls are everywhere. Designer brands in every corner. A shopping haven for a fashionista. I love walking around here on weekdays. There's street art where you can have your pictures taken and a one dollar ice cream stall stationed outside Takashimaya Shopping mall when you feel like having a cheap snack. You won't miss this Uncle just look for a bunch of people on queue nearby the traffic light. For small stalls you can address locals as Auntie or Uncle with a smile when buying goodies it simply adds a friendly tone to it. 

9. Boat Quay
Admission: Free
How to get there:
Alight at Raffles Mrt (Red Line) 

Check out this place late in the afternoon, watch it come to life at night. It's entertaining to see the lights turned on, restaurants flips their menu boards, chairs and tables are set-up and music fills the air. If you're looking for a dinning experience with a view, choose those restaurants with a riverside wing. It has this romantic feel as you take a sip of your wine while a boat with colorful lights passes by. Food ranges from 30 sgd - 50 sgd. 

10. Fountain of Wealth
Admission: Free
How to get there: 
Alight at Promenade Mrt (Yellow/Blue Line)
Exit C to Suntec City 

Opens Daily from 9 am to 10 pm
Laser Shows : 8 pm, 8:30 pm and 9 pm.

Guiness Biggest Fountain in the World is found in Singapore. The laser show features dancing waters with colorful lights. You can see the fountain show on top of the mall just along the street or go inside the mall to get a closer view of the moving waters. 

11. National Museum of Singapore
For History fans better check out the Museum in Dhoby Ghaut.

Opening Hours:
Singapore History Gallery 10am to 6pm,Daily  
Last admission at 5.30pm
Singapore Living Galleries 10am to 8pm, Daily 
Free admission from 6pm to 8pm
Last admission at 7.30pm

Vacation Checklist:
- camera , no flash
- an open mind
- jacket
- bottled water
- your
- keep your eyes open and your mouth close, just like going on scuba diving ahahaa

How to get there:Address: 93 Stamford Road S(178897)
By MRT: Bras Basah MRT Station (5-minute walk) ,Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station (5-minute walk), City Hall MRT Station (10-minute walk)

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