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Friday, March 17, 2017

A few things I love about Canada

Let's go for a Drive!

I'm starting to miss the tropical breeze of Asia. It's been a month since I've moved in Canada. The cold weather is something I've never thought I'll experience except for summit climbs in the mountains or maybe a few days trip in cold countries. But to stay longer than a month was really unexpected. Canada has never been on my list, as usual I always end up on places I don't expected to be. I hope I've made the right decision this time around. I'm still contemplating what made me want to move from a tropical country to one of the most coldest places on earth. From Palm trees to Pine trees. From 32 degrees to negative degrees. A whole new world. A drastic change from what I'm used to. However, I've noticed how Coffee with a half cup of Hot Chocolate kept me sane all this time. It has been my companion, my friend and comfort blanket. It's hard to stay positive when you don't know what the heck you're doing, and being away from family and friends makes it even more harder. I haven't really got the time to explore the Niagara Region. I've seen the famous Niagara falls during the day and at night this winter season. Other than that I've simply have my coffee with a half cup of hot chocolate with 10 songs of replay on a regular basis. Despite the changes I believe that in every situation I need to look at the bright side so I've listed a few things I love about Canada. 

1.Coffee with a half cup of Hot Chocolate 
I've noticed how Canadians love their coffee. They have their own Starbucks here and that's Tim Hortons. I love having the hot chocolate drink with fruit explosion muffin, best match for a rainy day, even more for the winter season. 

2.Endless Pine Trees
I haven't done any hiking's yet but I love walking around pine trees. Tall and silent. These trees sees first whatever is up there, a clear view of the horizon and all the ground works. 

3.Heavy Snow 
I'm not really a fan of snow but its a beautiful season in its own way. I love how it looks so lovely when it covers all the houses, the trees and the roads with its powdered form. I grew up just watching snow on TV or seeing it in books, having to see it everyday now reminds me of my childhood fantasies. 

4.Courteous People
Canadians has this automated response of asking people how they are, even constant repetitions of saying please and thank you. I like it. It makes me smile whenever I take the bus, order food and making my exit. 

5.Natural Environment
I've seen Niagara Falls, the international border of Canada and the United States. Majestically Beautiful. You've got to see it to believe its grandiosity. 

The sceneries here are splendid. Perfect in every angle. I can't wait to get my hiking shoes on and experience the summit climbs. 

6.Chicken Wings
Canadians love for chicken wings is unmistakable. Every Wednesday we go to this specific restaurant in Niagara Falls that serves 2 CAD for 10 chicken wings. Normally the price is around 10 CAD except every third day of the week. I always have two orders: 10 honey garlic chicken wings and 10 barbecue chicken wings or cajun flavor. I'm not a fan of their spicy flavor because of the sour taste that comes along with it. 

There's a lot of winery on Niagara on the Lake area. Hectares of vineyards fills the open space. I told myself that I'll try to limit my coffee and hot choco intake instead I'll have a sip of wine at night. It actually promotes sleep and is good for the heart. Maybe I'll do this next month. 

8.Bus wait times
Most people would say this should not be on my list, I do too. However, I'm starting to appreciate the patience I get out of it. I just have to stop comparing the transportation service here to Singapore. Working in Singapore has taught me the art of always be in a hurry. Even thou I tried to keep my pace at ease there, needless to say everyone will get tied up to its fast pace environment. People will drag you to the train station, like a leaf streaming on a riverbank. Act like a salmon fish and you'll only get pain and frustration. Here in Canada I'm being taught the value of staying still and keeping it cool, literally cool. 

I love walking in my neighborhood. Even back home in the Philippines I had endless walks in the mall, school and during festivals. In Singapore, It's normal to be walking around 10 minutes to 30 minutes getting to your place despite google map two minute walk display. It's quite the same here in Canada. There are specific bus stops too and if you live 3 more blocks away then all you've got to do is walk home. Due to my limited amount of patience I get to do a lot of walking here especially when im in downtown and my bus arrives in 30 minute time. I might just walk home instead of waiting for it. 

Cheapest store in Canada. Everything is here from food to clothing accessories, stationaries , household items and even laundry stuff. I like buying stuff here as its guilt free cheap. 

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