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Friday, December 8, 2017

A Beginner Traveler’s Experience

Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada 

Hello.  Guest blogger entry here.  Thank you for having me over.  For any other burgeoning travelers out there, or anyone visiting “The Falls” for the first time, here are some experiences to share for a trip in the springtime month of May.

1. Dress for Success
Coming from ol’ sunny Southern California, I was expecting some pretty cold weather up in Canada, eh?  It definitely wasn’t nearly as cold as I thought and I ended up overdressed for the warm weather.  My suggestions: don’t wear more than 2 layers (a light jacket when you get closer to the cool mists from The Falls), bring some sunglasses, and put on your game face.  There’s a lot to enjoy out here ;)

2. Travel and Lodging
You can reach most everywhere via the WEGO bus system.  Just make sure you have the right ticket for the right set of buses.  That part can get a little confusing.

Hotels, motels and everything in between is plentiful.  Personally, I found that the higher up you can stay, the better your window view is in the morning / night.

3. Common and Uncommon Tourist Spots
Aside from its namesake attraction, you can find a fair array of touristy places (a wax museum, an upside-down house, a mirror maze, a ferris wheel, a waterpark, a casino) and other such sights clustered in a nice central hub in Niagara.  If you’re a fan of chocolate, there’s a large Hershey’s store to sample; or if you’re aching for some café cuisine, Hard Rock Café is nearby as well.  My partner and I had fun walking around, dancing randomly to music playing overhead, and enjoying the tourist life.

If you’re more into the uncommon scene away from the hubbub of flashing cameras and selfie poses, there’s plenty of that to go around too.

Looking for some wine?  Check online for Niagara-on-the-Lake’s wine tour.  Wine and beer and even a meal – it’s quite the steal.  Might I suggest the little Groupon link on the right-side of this page?  I hear it’s got good deals galore ;)

How about some dine?  I highly suggest the restaurant, Taps:

Canada’s trademark “poutine” – similar to what some of us know as chili cheese fries, but with cheese curds and gravy instead – is something to definitely try.  If you’re not as daring a food adventurer, then Taps is also amazing for their Wednesday night deal: 10-piece chicken wings for $2 CAD, with a savory selection of flavors to choose from.  Top that off with some beer and maybe you’ll finally “tap” out from the delicious delicacies.

Wait, need some coffee to start the day before all the wining and dining?  Starbucks’ Canadian rival, Tim Hortons, has got you covered.

Ok, ready to burn those calories?  Niagara’s Wildplay Adventure Course is an exhilarating experience up high, granting you a gorgeous view of the river leading towards The Falls.  You’ll probably sweat, so don’t layer up too much.

We didn't wander off the beaten road much as time was short, but check the other entry for more unique places to venture.

And that’s it for this beginner traveler’s experience.  Hope you found it as amusing as I did hanging upside-down to a chair for dear life.

All images by SauL.

A few words from my Guest Blogger:

“Hi, my name is SauL. Be curious. Live, love and laugh. And yes, take the cookie.”


  1. Lovely post! I've always wanted to explore Canada. :)


    1. Hey Regine, You should visit Canada, it's such a beautiful country. Cheers!