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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Hamilton and Toronto Favorites

Q & A with my husband

My husband and I have been together for less than a year now ,but we've traveled more than enough compared to the other couples we've known in their years of being together. This time around we went to explore Hamilton and Toronto. One of the most famous tourist destinations in Ontario. I wanted to make this post more personal so I have here my husband to answer a few questions along with me about our trip.

1.What is your most favorite part of the trip?
She said: Definitely our small place in Hamilton, where we had the freedom to do whatever we want like cooking, staying up late and just about everything. 
He said: Agreed.  Hamilton was very cozy and we had a lot of freedom with that AirBnB compared to our second one.  I also liked watching the snow fall outside the window while we stayed warm inside.

2.What is your least favorite part of the trip?
She said: When you're craving for popcorn and there's no microwave around.
He said: The way the cold air breezes through my 2 layers of pants and up my butt!

3.Top three memorable moments?
She said:
a. Helicopter ride in Toronto on my birthday. I like the feeling of flying. I hope it fills up your dream of flying too.
b. Short waterfall hike to Tiffany Falls in Hamilton. It was really cold but we made it there. A frozen waterfall is quite mesmerizing , it's a must-see on winter days.
c. Dinner in the Dark at O.Noir in Toronto. I've always wanted to try this back in Singapore. Food was delicious, I'm glad I chose the all surprise meal.

He said: 
Flying in the helicopter definitely satisfied that dream.  Thanks babe!  Next dream: space! Ahaha.
a. Watching the snow fall while having warm food and drinks in Hamilton.  It's much prettier indoors than -25C outdoors.
b. Laughing while taking prenup pics in Highpark. The timing was perfect as the snow stopped falling and the sun peaked out just enough.
c. Waking around downtown and checking out cafes (that took a while of walking and freezing), then having warm, spicy ramen.

4.Best meal you had during the trip?
She said: My husands's ultimate ramen speciality. 
a. And Definitely the CN Tower Brunch in Toronto. Aside from our great view of the city, food was delicious. I also loved the idea that we made it more special by being there on Christmas Eve
b. Kenzo Ramen in Hamilton was an outstanding meal on winter nights. Best spicy ramen so far that I've tried in Canada. 
c. Plus the Mexican meal we had at Aztec's Mine Restaurant in High Park, Toronto.

He said: Besides my wife’s home cooking and the extra flavor added by her company, runner-ups include:
a. CN Tower's medium-rare steak and its bird's eye-view of the city below.
b. The saucy Mexican meal you ordered.  We dipped our shrimp tacos in the leftover sauce.
c. Maybe it was the hunger speaking, but the sashimi we ordered at the all-you-can-TCJ Restaurant.  The mango "salad" was also nice to clear our palettes. 

5.What part of the trip would you want to change?

She said: Heading to the airport. I hate goodbyes. Plus making the wrong turn to the Ski Resort, next time let's follow instructions babe. 
He said: Leaving you in Canada... And the 2nd BnB. I learned I like having a unit instead of just a room. And a non-noisy bed for better sleep.

6.Name three funniest moments.
She said:
a. The Mountain Stairway in Hamilton. We were singing and dancing as we made our way up, it was more of you actually. I like the cheerfulness we had that day.
b. We saw a big stuffed toy dog as we went downtown. Face first on the snow with it's butt facing the sky. It was such a cute sight to see, I felt bad that we left him there, at least he's sitting on the snow comfortably.
c. CN tower observation deck in Toronto. We went out to see the view outside and the cold wind just paralyzed us for seconds. We run all to the way to the exit laughing and freezing to the cold air. 

He said:
a. Riding the elevators up CN Tower and Skylon Tower while looking through the glass elevator's picturesque view.
b. The "heli-ride" from the helicopter was awesome.  The sensation of flying upward in a sitting-position is amazing.
c. Figuring out the puzzles and escaping in time from the Alcatraz Escape Room was fun too.

7.Which part of the trip where you got scared? 
She said: Hiking to Tiffany falls in Hamilton. We didn't have a car where we can run to after visiting the falls. It was freezing cold, we walked from bus stop to the falls and back again to where we came from. I was worried we will get headache's from all that walking. 
And the Mountain stairway in Hamiton too, it reminds me a traumatic experience I had hiking alone a few years ago.
He said: Whew, yeah, you joked that our feet would get so numb from the cold that we wouldn't feel anything fall on it!  On our way down from the top of Hamilton's hill, we took a detour and ended up illegally crossing a railroad.  I suppose it's only illegal if you get caught?  Heheheh.

8.Name three things that we can put on our winter list next time.
She said: 
a.Learning to Ski and Going for Wine tours.
b.Winter Camping or stay in a cabin up in the mountains.
c.Having hot chocolate in front of a fireplace.
He said: 
a.Yeah, definitely skiing.
b.A food tour (hope it includes wine as well).
c.Try a cold brew float.

9.Do you believe we make a good travel buddy together?
She said: Yeah! You're patient and not bad with google maps. Next time, let's do it old school, no phones and just a real handy map.
He said: Challenge accepted! If I had a bit of trouble navigating with the GPS before, then let's see what treasures we serendipitously discover.

10.Which activity do you want to do again?
She said: Hiking to waterfalls and adrenaline pumping activities (Helicopter ride).
He said: Hiking was definitely fun.  It'd be interesting to try when it isn't freezing next time.

11.Which activity does not interest you anymore? 
She said: Hunting down cafe's around downtown. Ooops sorry babe. 
He said: Trekking along wet snow.  The squishy wasn't as amusing as I thought it'd be.

12.Is there a particular person we've meet you'll never forget? 
She said: Alex, our Air bnb guy because he brought white wine to welcome us in our small home. It was such a sweet gesture. 
He said: Nasir, the dine-in-the-dark waiter.  He guided us quite well into the dark dining room and passed us our dishes.  We kinda thought he'd tell us where the food items were on our plates.

13.Among the people we've met, which person inspires you to travel more?
She said: Meeting a fellow Filipino traveler in our hotel. He came all the way from Philippines to visit Canada.  
He said: Besides my wife, it’d be the two guys from Spain while in Toronto.  Spanish-speakers were pretty rare.

14.What are the lessons you've learned during the trip?
She said: I need to get out more. Canada is such a beautiful country. 
He said: There’s so much to discover, enjoy and experience outside of my comfort zone.  I'm so glad we got to explore Canada together.

15.Where do we go next?
She said: Spain. Hola! 
He said: Besides Philippines, it’d be Singapore and then Norway.
She said: Agreed! Philippines, Singapore,  Norway and all over the world.

A few words from my Guest Blogger:

“Hi, my name is SauL. Be curious. Live, love and laugh. And yes, take the cookie.”

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