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Friday, February 16, 2018

Why We Should Protect the Ocean

Why I love the Ocean

There's been a lot of destruction in our ocean for the past few decades. It's disheartening to know that people are ignoring the problems we have with the ocean. Some doesn't care at all, they throw garbage’s in the sea, pollute the rivers and goes on with their lives like they didn't do anything wrong. Well, I care for the ocean. I stand by the people and the organizations who keep it safe and clean. I want to share a few of my experiences with the ocean and the reason why I'm trying to protect such a wonderful creation. 

1. My World 
I've lived most of my life in a beautiful island called Mactan in the province of Cebu, Philippines. We are famous for our pristine, white sand beaches till this very day. I swam in those waters since I was a little girl. During my younger days, my family used to live in my uncle's house which was nearby the beach, and every morning we would go to the beach with my cousins and played all day long. I remembered there was an abandon ship docked along the shoreline. If kids back days have their tree house, we were much cooler because we had a boathouse. It was big, rustic and we had an all-in surround sound system. Our laughter’s fills the vessel with so much childish enthusiasm. There's this big hole at the side of the ship which serve as a gateway to our imaginative world. Some kids would collect leeches inside the ship while I on the other hand would stand on the side and just hear myself talk to myself. The ocean is still my playground and I would like to keep my world that way. 

2. My Childhood Memory Bank
The most memorable childhood memories I had in the beach is with my brother and my cousins. I don't know if I remembered it right but it happened this way. It was on a summer break, the boys just had their circumcision a few days back. In Philippines, every summer break little boys go to their doctors to have their circumcision to mark their manhood. They were advised to remove the dressing after a few days, and everyone said soaking it in salty waters would expedite the healing process. So we made our way to the beach that early morning. The boys walked really slowly that day, each step came along with a laugh as the incision part was still sensitive to movement. I was tasked to be the watcher as they try to get rid of the dressing underwater. They asked me not to look because we were told it will turn their precious part to tomatoes, but of course I can't help myself and I turn around. Surprisingly, the precious part they hold so dear really turned red like tomatoes, ahahaa. It could have been some simple irritation or infection but for kids who just proved a fable it was a bewitching experience. It was such a funny memory and we all still talked about it after all these years. This memory is forever locked in those blue waters of Cebu. A memory I'm keeping along with the ocean, so protecting the ocean means keeping that memory alive. 

3. A gift
The ocean is a gift. I feel lucky that I've seen how beautiful the underwater world is in person. The one's I've seen on TV can't compare to it grandiosity. I have three unforgettable underwater experiences: snorkeling in Malapascua Island in Cebu, Philippines, scuba diving in Indonesia and night snorkeling in Thailand. First of all, snorkeling in Malapascua Island was the best snorkeling experience I have in Philippines. The waters were perfectly clean and bright. Beneath the blue water, colorful corals and school of fishes roamed around every corner. It was like swimming inside a gigantic aquarium which was real and majestic. 

The second one was my first scuba diving experience. This is totally different from snorkeling, to experience and understand more the beauty of the underwater world one must immerse itself with its environment. It made me realize how small and insignificant I am in this vast world. Back then, I thought I've already appreciated the ocean but it turned out I haven't seen the real face of the sea.  I valued the ocean more after I went for my scuba dive in Indonesia. 

Lastly, the most magical experience I had with the sea. I did a night snorkeling with my travel buddy to see the planktons in the waters of Krabi, Thailand. For a moment, I thought my world turned upside down and I was swimming in the dark grey sky with blue stars everywhere. Every motion I did in effect produced bright little blue stars that lights up the darkness. It didn't felt like I was in the water. I would want everyone to experience the wonders of the ocean, protecting it in each possible way is significant for its survival. 

4. My Responsibility
We are part of something big, means what we do affects everyone; it's the circle of life. All living things are connected to each other in different ways. The ocean is for everyone and we all share the responsibility of taking of it. It's an inevitable domino effect that goes on for eternity. A simple thing like throwing a piece of trash in the ocean affects the marine world. Fishes will eat those rubbish, the birds eats the fish, bird dies, no more pollination, less fruits bearing trees, less supply and humankind dies. 

It may be small and means nothing to you but for the ocean it means destruction of its precious resources. Sometimes we tend to think that we're the center of the universe, only we human beings have problems and everything else is mere distractions. Well, I believe all things are connected and we should take care of each other. This is difficult and challenging in so many ways. Throw in all the stress of life and humankind will burst into a bubble. I'm not getting anywhere here. My main point is don't ever throw your problems in the ocean, keep your mess with you, dispose it properly and find a way to protect the ocean.  

4. My Teacher
Learning to love the ocean means understanding and studying its mood swings. There will be strong tides, keeping yourself safe is important. I had my first lesson at a young age with the ocean, a blurred memory with a few vivid seconds of my life. I was small with a pretty short hair, full bangs that sits just right above my eyebrows. My mum gave me two cooked bananas, one for eating and the other for reserve. I was playing with the waters then I dropped my precious banana which I tried to reach out till it felt like I was walking on air. I didn't know I sinking but what I remembered is the sun rays pierce through the water to light my banana that I'm trying my best to reach out. Then that was it just utter silence and I woke as a teenager. The lesson behind that story is to never cry over spilled milk and just let go of the banana ahahaa. Another good lesson I learned was when I went snorkeling with my cousins and my friends in an island in Cebu. I went snorkeling without a life jacket, I'm not a good swimmer at all but I carelessly went out there on my own. Despite these traumatic experiences I realized my weaknesses and foolishness which made me a wiser person. The ocean is our friend; we just have to avoid making foolish mistakes. 

5. My Sweet Serenity
The most beautiful sunset I’ve ever seen is at the beach. I can't compare its radiance and splendid beauty to the sunsets in the mountains. But definitely love the sunrise in each summit climbs I've done in Asia. I love how the ocean sit still as the colors fills the sky with blended colors of pink, indigo ,red and orange colors. Then the ocean breeze swifts softly in the air as you smell and taste its glory. As you sit there by the shore, with your feet digging deeper in the sand and your fingers plays with the sand. The birds fly high as small crabs crawl by. These are the moments I thank God that I'm alive. I guess my love for the ocean is undeniable. 

The ocean is a part of all of us. It makes the world a wonderful place to live in. Let's keep it clean, protect its life and share its wonders. 

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