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Sunday, May 13, 2018

How To Travel On A Budget

Works for me!

Cheap traveling means research, research and research for the best deals in town. It takes time and energy. For people who don't have the patience for this kind of research settle for expensive hotels and over-priced deals. I believe traveling does not need to use up all your pay cheque for the month. It shouldn't be a financial burden but an enjoyable, affordable and memorable trip of a lifetime. 

Here’s a list of things that helped me save a few bucks on my travels. As a girl who just wants to travel and does not want to go home broke and happy, this is how I do it. I hope it helps you out in some way.


Simple. Book ahead of time. The earlier you book, the cheaper the airfare. In this way, you can be flexible with your activities and get an ample amount of time to research. If you save more on your airfare, you’ll have more budget for activities. 


Location, location. Make sure you know what you want to do; if it’s a city tour, shopping spree, hiking trip or a beach escapade. I've used two sites when booking for my cheap accommodations at places like guesthouses, inns, hostels, homestays or hotels. I always go for backpackers hostel.  It's a fun place to meet fellow travellers, plus a great way to find awesome activities around town.  

I love this site because they have "pay later" or "pay upon arrival" when booking for rooms. This gives you options to cancel bookings, manage activities and figure out the location, and if transportation works going to your destination. 
Most travelers I know booked from this site. I try to be flexible when it comes to my bookings; I go for whichever site gives me a cheaper price.

Check my sidebar or at the end of this post for the link to both sites. They are secured and tested sites. I haven't encountered any problems with bookings. I also make sure my booking went through my hotel by email confirmation. It's better to call them ahead of your travel date to validate their location and/or to update for late arrivals. 


I love GROUPON. There are plenty of deal choices: travel, fun activities, shopping, fitness and different kinds of services at a cheaper price. A few rules and regulations to follow, but that's where booking airfare ahead of time is crucial for cheap traveling. This allows you to plan out your activities according to the voucher deals. 

I have brought all kinds of deal with groupon like weekend getaways, muay thai lessons, wine tours, photo bookings, archery activities, helicopter tours and even my ukulele.

Check my sidebar or footer for the groupon link to find cheap deals in your country.

4.Tripadvisor reviews

If you're going for accommodations with  less stars and unknown services, then better try to check their reviews online. I try to check especially when booking for a guesthouse. Always make sure the place is clean and safe. It's always nice to hear advice and reviews from fellow travelers. You'll never know that your future most-unforgettable experience might be found from the review section. 

5.Read Blogs

Most of my travels are guided by blogs and reviews. Some by word of mouth from friends and family. The blogger community is there to provide tips and feedback for different kinds of adventures. It's nice to have someone guide you in your travels. 

6.Sleeper Bus / Night Bus

It's not really a comfortable ride, but you get to experience more adventure. You save more too. It's cheap and you can just sleep the ride away. By the time you reach your destination, it's already daytime, opening your eyes to beautiful landscapes. Plus, you save yourself a one-night accommodation fee. 

7.Act like a Local

Blend in and absorb the country’s culture and tradition. If you're just going to a very famous fast food chain and to the mall, then maybe might as well stay in your country of origin - you have it all there. Try local food and beverage. Check out their famous spots and try their activities. It's way cheaper compared to imported goods and you get to appreciate the wonders of different cultures. 

8.Make Friends with the Receptionist

I'm always good with people; I treat them with respect because that's how I want to be treated too. This totally hit me when I was on my first solo trip. The receptionist took great care of me, offered me cheap deals and gave me further discounts for my bookings. A few times our rooms were upgraded to a bigger room or we got a balcony. Just being nice attracts more good things to happen in your travels. 


Try to bring less so you get to skip the baggage conveyor belt and the hassle of lost baggage. Bring a backpack, carry light clothes, one running shoes will do and just mix and match your wardrobe. It also saves you a few dollars for your flight ticket, bus or train trips and even with boat rides. In addition, it's also easier to transfer from one place to another with just a backpack on hand. 

10.Connect and Disconnect

Lastly, connect to people and to nature, feel their presence and existence. Disconnect from the online world. You don't need to travel with a data plan. I don't and I survived; that's why you do your research ahead of time. It's nice to find people who try to help you out - do it old-school. No data plan means more savings. Besides, you'll have wifi in your hostel; try to message your mum before your hike or before your scheduled bus trip or when you get back to your place. 

The wonders of traveling is felt more when you talk to people. We lose touch of human connection because of the online world. Let's bring back deep conversations and those friendly touches to our lives. Friendly touch for me is like a pat on the shoulder, a tickle in the side, touch of a hand and simply high fives. People nowadays seem shocked when confronted with these kind of gestures. We are too attached to our mobile phones that we forget how to have a good time in real life. Disconnecting for a few days is the best way to unwind.

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