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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Top 10 Extreme Flying Adventures

Thirst for Flying
I have a thing with Jumpshots. I love that split seconds of happiness of being up in the air. Maybe that's the root cause of my thirst for flying. A taste of floating in the sky. It's a blissful experience for me to be up there, so when I had the chance to ride different vessels of flying I just have to say and go with it.

“Like all great travelers, I have seen more than I remember, and remember more than I have seen." -Benjamin Disraeli

1.Biplane Tour in Ottawa, Canada

My most recent experience flying high was     this April 2018. I went with my friends to Ottawa and booked a biplane ride - a World War II plane that flies you back in time.

There were just three of us so I had to flew twice, not that I mind. The first time around was soo exciting; especially when I felt the wind rush, making my stomach turn. On my second ride, I was more relaxed and enjoyed the view more. It's nice to be up there with the wind, the sky and the clouds. Maybe on my second life, I can be an eagle soaring high and just enjoying my time. 

2.Helicopter Ride in Toronto, Canada

I did my first Helicopter ride in Canada with my partner. We purchased a Groupon voucher for this ride (link in the sidebar/footer for more cheap deals). It was actually a relaxing ride for me, not much adrenaline, but more amazeballs moments.

Flying in a box-like compartment with two blades swirling around on top was something new to me. I wasn't shouting, screaming or anything that I usually do on my adventures. It was a different feeling and I liked the few minutes of serenity it gave me. We got to fly around a frozen lake, some snow covered houses and even saw the sunset on the horizon. It was a beautiful sight as the sky change its color, and having to see it from up above made it more special. 

3.Skydiving in Cebu, Philippines

This is by far the most exhilarating thing I've ever done in my whole existence. Skydiving is an extreme sport of jumping off a plane, free falling for a few seconds then pulling a parachute to land on safe ground. I didn't intend on doing it in the Philippines; actually, I never really planned when either, but I knew I had to do it. Good thing I had the courage to do it before I ran out of teeth.

It happened on a perfect day in Bantayan Island in Cebu, Philippines. A few weeks before our scheduled booking, I had both of my stupid teeth removed - I mean “wisdom teeth,” sorry about that. The risk of snapping open one (or both!) of the threads closing the gaping gum holes really worried me. Both sides of my checks were visibly swollen. But I made the decision and I was going for it no matter what. There are decisions in life that you just have to go for it or you'll regret not doing it for the rest of your life. 

I totally love the adrenaline rush in skydiving - it's very empowering. I can't imagine how the instructors keep cool under pressure. 

4.Hot Air Balloon in Singapore

This happened on a promotional day sponsored by a certain bank in Singapore. It was free! So of course, I went with my travel buddy and we waited hours for the ride. Since it was a free ride event, the queue was agonising. Take note: we were there in the morning and finally had our turn at night! Oh yeah! We were very persistent. Funny thing is the hot air balloon ride didn't even took off. Because it was free, the balloon only rose to a certain height, then it was roped down. If you fall, you'll die, so I guess that's high enough for me. 

My hubby and I are going on a real hot air balloon ride soon in Canada. I'm really excited about it. 

5.Paragliding in Puncak, Indonesia

I have an intense fascination with flying. Maybe I was a flying creature in my past life. There are things that just can't be explained; they have to be experienced. This is one of those moments. Paragliding is about riding the wind and hoping that the odds are in your favor. You jump off from a high cliff at a specific minimum wind speed while relying on a fabric wing suspended on a harness, the strong wind, and your partners’ passion for flying to survive. The wind humming in the air gives you goosebumps and thus making you scream like a wild bear. Every time the glider faces a wind bump, my stomach would twist like when I'm on a roller coaster ride in Universal Studios. I just couldn’t get used to it during the flight. It seemed like passing through rough roads  on a range rover road trip while making way through big boulders, and you just can't help utter the words "woohh,” “waaahh" and "eeehh" in a scream type of way. I believed I loss consciousness for a split second up there. My hands started to feel light, cold, and jelly. Then suddenly, snap! The wind blew in my face again like a big fart explosion and I was back to reality. Crazy as it may sound but I'm definitely fine doing that again.

6.Base Jumping in Bohol, Philippines

My first taste of adrenaline and life-threatening adventure happened at Bohol, Philippines. They call it “The Plunge” - a canyon-swing experience where you're suspended from a 200-meter high platform, free-fall for 5 seconds, then swing freely like a pendulum in a 300-meter wide gorge. It was the most addicting feeling I've ever had. I just got hooked and wanted more. They have a board posted before you get to the ride's platform. It says "You're not paying for the ride, you're paying for the experience." Well said, guys. It was totally worth it.

7.Seaplane Flying in Bintan, Indonesia

Another heart-pumping, mind-blowing, crazy adventure I did was in Indonesia. It was supposed to be just a short and relaxing getaway but instead turned into a very exciting trip. I've never been inside a small plane before, especially one that is totally bare naked. There was no glass panel, no small door; it just looked like an unfinished plane in someone's garage. Strangely, this made me even happier, even though it did not make me feel safe. I pondered on the fact that people have done this before. My pilot does this for a living, so I shouldn't be worried as everything should go accordingly. The plan was to fly on a sunny day, yet the weather decided otherwise. It didn’t stop us thou. It was a great experience to see an upcoming storm up close. Frightening, yet really exciting. You don't see that everyday which makes it much more worthwhile. 

8.Zipline in Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Canada

My first taste of flying and seeing the sky a bit closer than the usual. A harness is attached to your waist or to your trunk and you slide down a rope from point A to point B. I've experience sliding down from many platforms: atop a tower-like structure, a tree, and even on the top floor of a building. I try to experiment with different styles: the usual sitting-up, Superman, backwards and even upside down. These experiences added more to my thirst for flying. 

9.Parasailing in Boracay, Philippines

My first taste of water sports mixed with air adventure is in the island of Boracay. A two- or three-seater ride with an open parachute towed by a motor boat. My sister and cousin joined me in this fun craze as we glided up in the air. We even asked the skipper to add some more excitement to it by dipping us in the water during the ride. I figured without the water action, it wouldn't be that satisfying. I'm glad everyone was up for the challenge.  

10.Airplane Rides all over the place

Just for fun! Ahahaaa. I've flown many times and each time I'm up there with the clouds, I'm still amazed. I'm amazed easily, I guess I haven't lose my childish enthusiasm all these years. 

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